Bovine Testimonials

“My somatic cell count was over 400,000 and I was having chronic mastitis cases that kept recurring after discontinuing antibiotic treatment. Within 2 months after starting the Golden Link® Microbials, SCC dropped below 200,000 and chronic mastitis cases dropped by over two thirds.”

Bill Resinger – Spencer, Ohio

“I have been on the Golden Link® Microbials for three years. Excellent herd health is what I tell all my neighbors. We have over 20 years of veterinary records. Our herd has gone from an average of twelve DA’s a year to one or two. Foot abscesses are almost non-existent. Heals are very strong and we are averaging more than forty days less open.”

Ervin Burkholder – Greenwich, Ohio

“With Golden Link® Microbials, I have been able to reduce crude protein in my diet down to about 13.5% to 14.5%, and use my corn & beans for my main energy source. We run our ration starch level up to 30-33% and NFC/NSC in the 40-45% range. The foot health of our cows is excellent. We also have very good overall herd health and reproductive performance. We have good fiber digestion and rumen health, and our milk production, components, and cell counts are excellent too! I have found, utilizing Golden Link Microbials in my nutritional program has enabled me to obtain long term profitability and healthy cows.”

Richard Showalter – Dayton, Virginia

“We have used Golden Link® in our herd for 4 years. We feed several types of hay daily and our cows have had no digestive issues using Golden Link Microbials. We have not had to call the vet for any digestive problems.”

Greg Bourne – TJ Classic Jerseys, Ohio

“We have used the Golden Link® Immune Boost for about 3 years now. All heifers are fed product on milk and also during any inclimate weather. We have been extremely satisfied with the Immune Boost for our calves.”

Patrick Casper, Calf Manager – Coyne Farms, New York

“The Golden Link® Gel Tubes work great for us at the shows. They play a big part in making sure our string keeps on track, maintaining great appetites all week long.”

Kevin Doeberiener – Queens Manor Holsteins, Ohio

“The Gel Tubes offer us a way to be proactive in maintain intake at the shows. Easy to administer and something we don’t go to the shows without. Also works great for sluggish calves at home on the dairy.”

Tyler Reynolds – Reyncrest Holsteins, New York

“Golden Link® Tubes have worked well for us since we first tried them. They really seem to boost intake and are a big help in achieving the big time fills.”

Mark Rueth – Rosedale Genetics, Wisconsin

“The Tubes really seem to help increase appetite. Easy to use at shows and also work great for fresh cows at home.”

Adam Hodgins – Hodglynn Holsteins, Ontario

“Golden Link® Jumpstart Boluses are a must to use on off feed, sluggish or fresh cows. They work very well for our herd.”

Landis Nolt – Ohio

“We use the Boluses when we have a cow with a sluggish appetite or is off feed. They are very reasonably priced for the job that they do.”

Patrick Carey – Plum Line Holsteins, Pennsylvania