Companion Animal Products

Golden Link® Companion Probiotic & Enzymes Quality Guarantee

Probiotics for Canines & Felines are no exception to the new health trend in humans and other animals.  The same forces of keeping animals healthy with the use of natural healing additives are driving the use of probiotics in our companion animals.

Because of this trend, there are a host of brands being sold over the counter claiming fantastic cures and results.  However, the same manufacturing principles needed in other probiotics for animals, bovine and equine, apply to our companion animals as well.  These are:

  • Viability protection.
  • Quality control in production.
  • Combination of the right strains in adequate and therapeutic amounts.
  • The addition of cofactors to allow the microbes to seed and propagate in the right areas of the G.I. tract.
  • The addition of cofactors such as enzymes to support digestion.

Probiotics supplement need to be formulated, processed and distributed correctly to insure their potency. Golden Link® companion probiotics, like all Golden Link® DFM supplements, are manufactured to ensure all of the above principles by the following:

  • Viability is guaranteed by our patented lipid coated technology that protects microbes not only from temperature extremes up to 100° but also from destructive stomach acid.
  • Quality of production is controlled and Guaranteed with our FDA approved lab.
  • The strains and amounts are dictated by University research teams working closely with our laboratory, growing and producing Golden Link® strains.
  • Cofactors such as F.O.S. and other components are added to Golden Link® DFMs to work in a symbiotic state in the G.I. tract that allows optimum seeding and colonization of microbes.
  • Enzymes and yeast culture, rich in bacterial enzymes are added to aid the lactobacillus strains, to catalyze digestion and aid in healing G.I. mucosal lining.
  • To ensure that our product is dispensed and handled correctly, we distribute only through veterinary professionals.


Golden Link® Companion is formulated to deal with the following health issues:

Immune System Disorders

When a pet is stressed due to illness, surgery or environmental change (boarding), its immune system is challenged.  Golden Link® Companion is formulated to enhance and stimulate the immune response with the right quantity and strains of bacteria.

Our bacilli specie are the most effective in the mucosal lining of the G.I. tract in launching an immune response.

Decreased Appetites

A decreased appetite or lack of one, anorexia, due to illness or stress is best combated with the propionic bacteria species.  By combining propionic and lactobacillus species along with bacterial enzymes, this creates a positive response in restoring a healthy appetite.

Digestive Disorders

Because our companion animals live with us, in our homes and not in a barn, we appreciate the necessity of keeping our companion animal’s bowels healthy.

The digestive systems of canines and felines are more similar than different.  The feline will generally have a smaller stomach and shorter digestive tract that the canine.  Since both evolved from carnivorous backgrounds, their physiological and biochemical mechanisms are quite similar.

The support of bowel health is recognized, by the public, as the most prevalent use of probiotics.  Today’s physicians and veterinarians are recognizing their usefulness in stabilizing the G.I. tract in a multitude of diseases.  Golden Link® is formulated to help the companion animal for the following:

  • A source of dietary management for dogs suffering with chronic loose stools.
  • Prevent and reduce loose stools with antibiotic therapy.
  • Prevent and reduce loose stools due to stress related causes such as boarding.
  • Helps reduce loose stools related to incompatible and incomplete digestion, with the addition of enzymes and bacterial enzyme, found in yeast culture, in addition to Lactobacillus and Enterococcus species to aid in the breakdown of food.

Rest assured, that Golden Link® Companion can not only help your best friend during periods of illness, but more importantly, a maintenance dose will go a long way in making your furry family member a healthier pet.

Remember, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Golden Link® Companion is formulated so that you need to feed only 1/15th ounce, to equal that pound of cure.

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