Companion Testimonials

“We have used the Canine Performance for the past two years on our sled dog team.  What is most notable is that the dogs maintain their weight throughout the season.  It has always been a problem to keep weight on these stressed dogs as the season progresses.  We attribute this to their overall better health.  We are not seeing as many sick dogs and when they do get sick, they get over it much quicker.  Also, their stool is much more consistent, which indicates that they are having less digestion problems in their high stress environment.”

Ken and Lori Chezik – Sled Dog Owner & Breeder

“I have been using the Golden Link Canine & Feline Probiotics & Enzymes on my personal rescue animals and I am very pleased with the results. My older dog with cancer was not eating well but since I started using the Canine & Feline Probiotics & Enzymes, he is eating better. I also have a 15-year-old kitty, that had chronic diarrhea and since I have been using the Canine & Feline Probiotics & Enzymes in his wet food, the diarrhea is under control and he actually likes it.”

Kriston Sherman, DVM
Kriston Sherman DVM, LLC

“We have been using both the Golden Link Companion Derma-Health and Companion Canine & Feline Probiotics & Enzymes in our practice. We have had excellent results cleaning up skin problems with the Derma-Health and the Companion Probiotic & Enzymes have been the best probiotic we have used so far, in treating upset GI and diarrhea.

Recently, we have been sending individual packets home along with antibiotic therapy. Our cliental has been extremely receptive to this, due to the ease of use (they just sprinkle it on their wet food) and wonderful results.”

Elizabeth Brucchieri, DVM
Porter Pet Hospital


“I have been using the Golden Link Companion Probiotics & Enzymes in my practice for the last year. I started using the product because it was only sold to veterinarians and my clients couldn’t buy it anywhere else. Since then, I have come to realize that it is the best probiotic on the market today.

I send all my GI upset and diarrhea cases home on them and every patient sent home on antibiotics is also sent home on Golden Link Companion Probiotics & Enzymes.”

Terrence Ochterski, DVM
Suburban Veterinary Clinic