The Golden Link® Advantage

Golden Link Microbial Supplements are a proprietary blend of coded bacterial strains that are added with components to enhance their activity.  These organisms are not only enhanced but protected by a manufacturing and distributor process that ensures the potency of every ounce sold.

Coded Proprietary Blends of Strain

Each bacterial strain is coded to ensure maximum, identifiable efficiency.  These strains are added together in the exact proportions to grow and flourish in their designated areas of use, produced under FDA control.

Active Yeast and Yeast Culture

Live yeast and culture are added to enhance the environment for the bacteria to thrive and multiply in the small intestine and rumen of the bovine, small intestines and hind gut of the equine.  Yeast culture is added for its enzyme action in companion animal products.

Enzyme and Immune Additives

Digestive enzymes, along with immune boosting ingredients in the equine, are added to enhance the breakdown of fiber, starches and protein in both the bovine and equine.  The enzymes are especially helpful in cutting the alpha-bonds of large starch molecules.

Host Specific Strains and Mixtures

The probiotic coded strains that are used are host specific.  The strains are added together in the exact proportions to flourish and grow in specific locations of the bovine, equine and companion animal’s gastrointestinal tract.

Protection of Viability

One of the most important advantages of Golden Link® is the priority taken to ensure its viability.

As we have learned, probiotics are fastidious microorganisms, nutritionally demanding and very sensitive to environmental conditions.  Thus, the question, what good will a probiotic product do if the viability factor is not addressed.

Bacteria are grown, harvested and quickly put through a process of preservation and protection.

The best preservation method to ensure bacteria viability is to freeze dry them.  Because freeze drying is a very delicate step for bacteria, like all cells, they are first mixed with a cryoprotective substrate.   Immediately after freeze drying, while in an animated state, they are coated with a patented lipid coating technology to protect the bacteria up to 100° Fahrenheit.

All bacteria are then stored between 40° F to 0° F until they are mixed in the proper ratios and additives with inert ingredients, limestone and brewers distiller right before shipping.  Products are sent to distribution that are made fresh and are under 10 days from manufacturing.

Remember, unless the product is “alive and kicking” it will do little good in the animal’s gut.