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Leading The Way in Microbial Supplements Distributed Exclusively by Practicing Veterinarians; to Assure Viability and Therapeutic Efficacy.

Golden Link® Microbial Supplements

Golden Link® is a formulated Direct Fed Microbial (DFM) Supplement that contains live viable probiotics (helpful species specific bacteria) mixed with live yeast, yeast culture, enzymes and immune stimulating agents. It is formulated for the Bovine, Equine and Companion Animal.

Probiotics today, are the cutting edge in additives for all animals. They are nature’s way of improving an animal’s immunity, digestion, productively and overall health.

The objective of keeping animals healthy without the use of antibiotics is being driven by a growing de-mand from owners, the USDA, the FDA and consumers. Their concerns and emphasis is driven by the fact that liberal use of antibiotics has caused and is causing resistant forms of bacteria that are pathogenic and are becoming troublesome if not impossible to treat. Also, when human or animals are placed on antibiotics, the results are that the ecosystem of bacteria in the intestinal tract is placed under assault. We all know that antibiotics are often lifesaving medications that eradicate bacterial infections. But, they also cause collateral damage to the beneficial bacteria that inhabit the G.I. Tract of all animals. It is estimated in human medicine that up to one-third of antibiotic users may experience antibiotic associated diarrhea and gastrointestinal upset due to impaired bacterial function. For the above reasons, it makes sense to dispense probiotics when placing animals on antibiotics, to do the following:

  • Keep bacterial pH levels more hospitable.
  • Crowd out bad bacteria.
  • Help digestion with helpful enzyme production.
  • Stimulate the immune system or G.A.L.T.
  • Replenish the G.I. Ecosystem with good bacteria.

The use of probiotics are becoming an important ingredient in today’s pharmacopeia in humans and animals.

Our Golden Link® Microbial Supplements are the most potent advanced Microbials offered on the market today.

As veterinarians with over 65 years of practice experience, we realize what it takes to bring the best probiotics to our customer’s door. To achieve this goal, we deliver the following in each and every dose:

  • Specific coded strains of bacteria that are species specific and are selected for their location of action.
  • The right combinations of coded strains, to enhance symbiosis with natural occurring bacteria in the location where they are going to propagate & work.
  • These proprietary combinations are mixed with yeast, yeast culture, enzymes, and immune boosting ingredients to insure results.
  • Golden Link® Microbial Supplements are manufactured, stored and distributed by a protocol that insures a potent product ready to do its job when fed.
  • Most importantly, our Microbial products are protected and preserved with our patented “lipid coated” technology, to ensure our supplement being fed, is “alive and kicking”.

Be assured, whether using Golden Link® Supplements for maintenance or therapy, it is formulated specifically for your Bovine, Equine, or Companion Animal and will make a big difference in your animal’s wellbeing.