Equine Testimonials

“One of my clients had a horse that consistently had a thick nasal discharge.  It would go away with antibiotic treatment, but would resume after treatment ceased.  I had them feed 1 oz. of Immune Boost per day and the nasal discharge stopped within a week.  The horse has now been on a maintenance dose of1/2 oz. per day of the last year and remains healthy.”

Danny Gale – Ferrier, Ohio

“I give 1/2 tube of Equine Jumpstart Gel to my Thoroughbreds in training, after every race.  I have found that the horses do not go off feed after racing and are able to bounce back to race sooner.”

Jim McDonald – Trainer

“Since using the Equine Immune Boost, our mares are in better shape than they have ever been and the foals are healthier during the weaning transition.”

Dennis Behrmann – Albers, Illinois