TMR-D Measuring Digestion Through Your Cows

Golden Link Microbials incorporated the Combs-Goeser approach through Rock River Labs, after positive results were found through our research using a quantitative approach in determining the profitability of using GLM in both conventional and high starch diets, as determined by the Nasco Digestion Analyzer.

In this approach, by using indigestible NDF as an alternative marker, Rock River Labs is able to calculate the actual true digestion of the amount of TMR, the cow is eating. This is the first commercial-digestion approach that has shown to be related to milk production.

The Combs-Goeser approach calculates digestion by taking a random sample of the TMR fed…. Analyzing it for actual Organic matter, NDF, Starch, crude protein, and Fat content. An overall random sample of the manure produced by the cows being fed this specific TMR is also taken and analyzed for actual Organic matter digested, NDF digested, Starch digested, Crude protein digested, and fat digested.

With this information, the dairyman and his/her nutritionist are able to determine what is actually being fed, how much of it is actually being utilized by the dairy cow , and how much is actually going straight to the manure pit!

Golden Link Microbials utilized this approach by analyzing TMR’s and manure of herds before they started the product, then analyzing the same herd’s TMR’s and manure 30-60 days after they incorporated the GLM in their feeding program.

In all herds tested , Organic matter, NDF, and Starch were consistently shown to be digested at higher percentages, after the herds were on the Golden Link Microbials for 30-60 days. These results indicate that less digestible feed is going into the manure pit. These results then equate to more protein, fat, and milk production….with less feed!
The results of the analytic testing of TMR to manure digestion by Rock River Labs helped to confirm the results found by the Nasco Digestion Analyzer manure screening. More efficient digestion relates to higher protein and fat, increased milk production…and healthier animals.